Venturer Motto
Be Prepared
Venturer (Scout) Promise
On my honour, I promise to do my best,
to develop my spiritual beliefs,
to contribute to my community, country and world,
to help other people,
and to live by the Scout Law.
Scout Law
A Scout is loyal and trustworthy
A Scout is considerate and tolerant
A Scout is a friend to all
A Scout accepts challenges with courage
A Scout uses resources wisely
A Scout respects the environment
A Scout has self respect and is sincere.


The Venturer programme offers exciting, fun, hands-on experiences for youth.  They take a step up in leading and running their own activities. 

Activities include attending various National Schools including Mountain Craft and Caving and the Walsh Flying School. Attend Venture, go on week-long expeditions, get Coastguard training. If you can think of an activity, you can do it… 


14 – 18.5 years

Meeting Nights:

Wednesday evenings.

Weekly meetings generally coincide with the normal school terms.

Meeting Times:

1900 – 2100 hrs

Meeting Location

We make use of a variety of locations to make the best use of the outdoors.

We have two halls, one located on Margan Avenue in New Lynn and the other backs on to Brains Park (Albert Road) in Kelston. If we are going boating, we will generally meet at French Bay on the Manuaku Harbour or at Archibald Park to play on the Whau River.

The programme location and activity will be advised via the weekly and term emails.

The youth Award Scheme

Our award scheme is based around personal development, adventure and our community.

Joining – New Members

You may come along for a free trial of 2 consecutive weeks. This will allow you to meet everyone and give it a go first.

If you would then like to become a full member following your trial, then you need to use the EnrolMy links to register for the term programme.


Once you have completed 3 – 5 nights and purchased either an activity shirt or formal uniform shirt we will invest you (formally make you a member of the Group) and present you with our Group scarf.


  • Your Group scarf provided to you on investiture.
  • Formal Scouts NZ dress uniform shirt.
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Shoes
  • Black socks


  • $120: Term fee.
  • $15: Investiture (one off cost). This provides you with your Group scarf, badges and certificate.
  • $35: Group Activity shirt (available from the Group – see your leaders)
  • $45: Formal Scouts NZ dress shirt (available from Scouts Direct – use link for
  • Camps and some activities may cost extra.

Meet Your Leaders

Your leaders are below. They are often assisted by the Scouts and Venturers.

  • Paul

  • You?

    This space is reserved for you to join in the fun

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