There is nothing, absolutely nothing,
half so much worth doing,
as simply messing about in boats.

Kenneth Grahame

Kia Ora, welcome aboard

New Lynn is one of the oldest Sea Scout Groups in New Zealand. It has both a rich and successful history in serving the members of our community.

We offer a friendly and safe environment to deliver an adventurous programme based on the ‘Scout Method’. This enables our youth to learn new life skills, experience the outdoors, make new connections, and gain confidence in a wide range of activities.

Being Sea Scouts, we have a strong emphasis on water activities, but at the same time we also enjoy all the traditional activities that land scouts undertake. In addition, we throw in some air themed adventure to round off the programme.

Based in the heart of New Lynn (West Auckland), our Group is blest with being located on the portage between the Waitemata and Manukau Harbours and sits in the lee of the Waitakere Ranges. This provides us with a truly awesome outdoor adventure playground through which we deliver our programme.

We cater for both boys and girls aged from 5 to 19 years as part of the youth programme and welcome young and old adults alike to join in the fun as part of our leadership team.

Why not contact us and come along for a free trial.

Our Purpose


Ages 5-8


At the Kea level the aim is to introduce you to wide a range of outdoor experiences whereby you can start to gain some confidence and a love of the outdoor adventure playground that we live in.

Ages 8-11


At Cubs teamwork will start to play an important role as you start to develop some of the basic skills around the activities.

Ages 10-15


At Scouts leadership becomes a key element. With the boating programme there will be lots of opportunity to test yourself against your peers in the many regattas that we do.

Ages 14-18


The opportunities once you get to Venturers are limitless and you are generally only limited by your imagination. It will build on everything you have done from Keas right through to Venturers.

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