Our Group is blest with a large fleet of water craft on which we base our water programme around.

The ‘Cutter’ is the Sea Scout standard training boat. It is 17’ (5.2m) long and based around the old style whaling boats. We use these for both rowing and sailing and can pack them with stores when undertaking expeditions.  

We also utilise the Sunburst sailing dingy. This is a higher performance sailing boat ideal for racing. The Sunburst, designed by NZer Grant Brooke is a very common sight up and down NZ. This is supplemented by the Optimist sailing dingy, an international class of boat ideal for the younger members to start to gain water confidence and basic sailing skills in. There is also a P class or two, the class famous as the starting point for great Kiwi sailors like Sir Peter Blake.

We also have a range of canoes, and rowing dinghy’s.

These are supplemented by a couple of power boats that are used for on the water training and as safety craft.

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