The Scouting programme is split into 5 different age groups for the delivery of our programme:

 Section  School Years Ages  Meeting Nights  Meeting Times
 Keas  1-3 5 - 8  Mondays or Tuesdays 1730 - 1830 hrs 
 Cubs  4-6 7 - 11  Mondays or Tuesdays 1830 - 2000 hrs
 Scouts  6-10 10 - 15  Wednesdays 1900 - 2100 hrs
 Venturers  10-13 14 - 19  Wednesdays 1900 - 2100 hrs
 Rovers   18 - 26  Sundays 1930 - 2100 hrs 

Scout Promise

Scout Motto

On my honour I promise,
To do my best,
To do my duty to my God,
To the Queen and my country,
To help other people,
And to live by the Scout Law

Be Prepared


Scout Law


At the Kea level, the aim is to have heaps of fun and introduce you to a range of outdoor experiences whereby you can start to gain some confidence and a love of the outdoor adventure playground that we live in.

When you move up to Cubs we will expand on the above experiences and you will start to learn some of the basic skills around these activities and teamwork will start to play a bigger part.

At Scouts, leadership gets added into the teamwork mix. With the boating, there will be lots of opportunities to test yourself against your peers in the many regattas that we do.

Activities include camping and tramping, campfires, pioneering, rowing, sailing, canoeing, building rafts, and swimming.

Travelling around the country 
going to regattas meeting new friends and testing your skills against your peers. Mountain & Bush Craft skills training and Zone adventure weekends in the Waikato and at National Park, Jamborees and the National Scout Flying school…

The opportunities once you get to Venturers are limitless and you will be responsible for setting the focus of the programme. It will build on everything you have done from Keas right through to Venturers.

Rovers is the opportunity for you to give something back. This is the service section of the movement. And no, service does not mean it is not fun…

The Scout Award Scheme

Click on this link to take you to the Award Scheme pages.

Meeting Times and Location

We generally meet at the New Lynn Scout Hall on Margan Avenue on Wednesday evenings, typically from 1900-2100hrs (7:00-9:00 pm). However, during the summer these times and locations may vary a little as we chase the tides when doing boating activities.

Weekly meetings coincide with the normal school terms and may include some school holidays depending on the activities you want to do.

Most of our boating activity takes place on Sundays. The time and location vary depending on the tides. We try to get out on the water at least every second week. Other weekend activities will be advertised throughout the year and include numerous camps, tramps and regattas.

We recommend that you come along to 2 consecutive meetings (no charge) to meet everyone and give it a go.  You can enrol on the activity after the first meeting and receive one more free trial night however if you do choose to keep going with the activity then you will be asked to pay for the remainder of the term.  Once you enrol you will be on our email list and receive the communications for the next week's activity.  If you like it, you can enrol for the rest of the term on the same activity you had the free trial plus let one of your leaders know and they will arrange to invest you as a member of Scouts NZ.  You will need to buy a uniform shirt as part of becoming an invested member.
Please email before coming along for the first time to confirm the meeting time and location as these can vary depending on the activity planned for the evening.  The leaders will also be able to tell you if you need to bring anything with you (i.e. a change of clothes if we are going boating).


The Uniform shirt we wear is the Blue Scout shirt. These can be purchased online at
You will be provided with a Group Scarf, woggle and membership badges when you are invested as a member



Your Leaders

Andrew Stevens                                                    Yoka Hermanides
Mobile - 027 693 9756
Email -
  Mobile - 021 217 9474
Email -


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